About Carlo Carandang

A Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Carlo Carandang has served as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychiatry at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and served as a Clinical Assistant Professor with the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Dr. Carlo is an expert in anxiety and depression, and has numerous publications and presentations in these areas.

Dr. Carlo is also a Data Scientist, and is Senior Vice President at KARV Data Consulting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. KARV is an AI technology company, focused on AI platforms to help businesses and organizations to automate business and workflow processes, especially in the areas of commercial real estate and healthcare.

3 thoughts on “About Carlo Carandang”

  1. Hi saw your video on Youtube: Why use an SNRI for anxiety disorder when norepinephrine is stimulating?.

    Whats your view on the ‘California Rocket Fuel’ treatment for anxiety? Since Mirtazapine also inhibits norephedrine, shoulnd’t it increase anxiety even more adding Mirtazapine, or does the double effect on serotonine add up for that?

    Thanks for your videos /Martin

    1. There are some studies showing effectiveness of ‘California Rocket Fuel’ for treatment-resistant depression. However, I would not recommend this for anxiety disorders. And as I state in the videos, why prescribe a norepinephrine inhibitor when norepinephrine is stimulating? Adding mirtazapine to venlafaxine is double the trouble for anxiety disorders for side effects, in my opinion.

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