6 thoughts on “A Biomarker for Anxiety and Depression (finally)”

  1. Oh sir I know all about the biomarkers. The biomarker for anxiety is great it’s a lack of magnesium.
    Maybe that is from John Bilello’s handbook maybe it’s from Dr Rothchild handbook I don’t care but there is no stupid biomarker other than the lack of proper nutrition have a nice life donate to your local homeless shelter. Once again, the true marker based on j. Bilello’s work and the government, magnesium and 4 out of 5 are deficient in magnetizing themselves to the earth. How stupid do you think we are. Biomarkers…..you mean a way to push pills.


    1. Thank you for your comment. There are a few preliminary studies of magnesium being effective for anxiety in human subjects. With regards to pushing pills, nowhere in the article are prescription drugs mentioned. On the contrary, I believe in natural ways to relieve anxiety. Prescription drugs are only for severe cases of anxiety.

      1. I believe magnesium along with other nutrients can reverse severe anxiety too. I’m sure you can agree with me that the pill passing out of anti anxiety medications like benzodiazepines is add an epidemic level. I see doctor is prescribing them for sleep, I see them prescribing those for schedule times of day, the doctors are just writing the prescription. wrong. Its really sad.

        1. Agreed…benzodiazepines tend to be overprescribed, and so are other anxiety medications such as SSRIs and SNRIs. Doctors need to prescribe more natural ways to deal with anxiety, rather than a medical solution. But doctors are medical, so maybe they don’t know anything else. Maybe people with anxiety should be helping themselves and finding out all they can to deal with anxiety naturally, such as discussed on sites like AnxietyBoss.com. Thank you again for your comments, as they are indicative of a public that is weary of prescription medications.

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